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About Me
Family, friends and fun. When not working, you can find my on my Bike or at the airport. Been flying private planes since 1985. Fish with the kids when I can. Travel a lot. And like trying out new things.

Favorite Music
Most. Prefer Classical rock, hair bands. Seen Kiss 18 times, so you can say there my fav. And of course Country and western. Can't be a good Texan with out some C&W in ya.

Favorite Movies
Patton, Tombstone, and We were soldiers.

Favorite Books
One second after, Tom Clancey.

Favorite Quotations
Who's more the fool? The Fool who leads or the fool who follows. Me If you can't laugh at yourself and stand to be made fun of, then you have no right laughing and making fun of others. Me

General About Me
18 Year member of the Oklahoma City Fire Dept. Im a Firefighter/Paramedic. Was 6 years in Army, Airborne Infantry, Then a reserve Drill Sgt. Got 3 kids, 22, 18, 14. No grandkids yet. Two mini weenie's, and getting ready to go back to school to get my Nursing. Wife is er nurse and thinks it would be fun to work together after I retire from FD. (Jury still out on that).

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