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           Home of the Virtual 97th  Bomb Group (Heavy)



We are the Virtual 97th Bomb Group (Heavy), a Dedicated USAAF Heavy Bomber Group that flies B-17's and at times other USAAF Bombers in the virtual skies of Aces High 2 and IL-2 Sturmovik 1946 using the latest Mod Pack HSFX 6.0. (6.0.17).

                                                  "MISSION STATEMENT"

The mission of the Virtual 97th Bomb Group (Heavy) is to provide Long Range Strategic High Altitude Level Precision Daylight Bombing, also to provide Tactical Air Support whenever needed. To Strike Enemy Targets Anytime and Anywhere in the virtual skies of Aces High 2 and IL-2 Sturmovik 1946.


                                 "v97th BG Aces High 2 Group Practice Nights"

The Aces High 2 v97th BG Practice Nights will be every Saturday and Sundays at 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Saving Time, (that be 10:00 AM Central Daylight Saving Time). Also again at 7:00 PM Eastern Daylight Saving Time, (That be 6:00 PM Central Daylight Saving Time).  The second Time period is for those who missed the morning practice or for those who wants to pratice more. All Training Practice will be held in the Mid War Area. Please check the Events Calendar.


Members of the v97th Bomb Group and others who visit the web site please check the event tab above to see what is happening in the v97th Bomb Group on a weekly basis.

v97thBG Members: It is Your Responsibility to Check the Group Forums and v97th BG Events Calendar at least once daily and to Respond Accordingly.





The Virtual 97th Bomber Group is open for recruitment and we are always in need for Dedicated Bomber Pilots or those willing to learn flying the heavies. The Group flies at the upper levels of virtual realism with mini map and speedbar enabled.

If you are interested in joining the Virtual 97th Bomber Group, Please read the Group SOP. Once you have read the v97thBG SOP and agree to abide by the SOP, then go to the Group Forums to the Recruiting Section and fill out the Recruiting Papers. Once you have filled out the recruiting papers, we will get ahold of you by the E-Mail address you have provided us with and set up an interview date.


Teamspeak 3 Server  IP:chicago.clanwarz.com:1101                     \\\


Thank You

v97th BG Staff



                                        "ALMOST HOME ENGLAND"                                       



Cheyenne: ~S~ Gentlemen, I have put a zip folder with the AH2 skins of the 97th BG, in the Down Loads section.
HornetUK: make sure you skins download option is on in hanger. we have 4 b-17 squad skins now for download
Woofie: Welcome Aboard HornetUK glad u made it. ~S~
HornetUK: Hello all I am now finally got registered!
Okcfire: Just wanted to tell everyone that it has been great having everyone to fly with. So Glad Cheyenne is back with us too.
Cheyenne: ~S~ 97th BG, well good news, my ISP has finally fixed my internet. They had to replace the phone line. I be on more now.
Cheyenne: Hope to be on soon and have the internet fixed
Cheyenne: Sorry Gents for not being on, Been feeling under the weather, also internet connection off and on.
Cheyenne: Gents TY for ur pray's and thoughts, the typhoon was a weak one and has passed now, sun shine this am.
Woofie: I pray u and ur family are safe.
Okcfire: Thoughts and Prayers with you and your family
Cheyenne: gone from the Philippines hopefully by Monday
Cheyenne: ~S~ 97th BG, The Philippines espcially where I live is being hit another with another typoon, it is here now, should be
Cheyenne: ~S~ 97thBG, I am up dating the web site and cleaned up the forums. There will be more up dates.
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